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Live Food Insect Tubs

Convenient, easy to use containers of Live Food insects fresh from the farm to you

Large Cricket Value Pack


Large Cricket Tub


Large Woodies Tub


Mealworms - Regular 100g Tub


Superworms 100g Tub


Medium Cricket Value Pack


Medium Cricket Tub


Medium Woodies Tub


Vitaworms Black Soldier Fly Larvae 20g


Giant Mealworms - Zophobas morio 50g Tub


Giant Mealworms - Zophobas morio 25g Tub


Small Woodies Tub


Small Cricket Tub


Extra Small Cricket Tub


Baby Cricket Tub


Mealworms - Mini Mealies 18g Tub


Mealworms - Regular 50g Tub


Mealworms - Regular 10g Tub


Pisces Complete Reptile Supplement Pack


Live Fly Pupae 25g


Deactivated Fly Pupae 50g


Vitaworms Black Soldier Fly Larvae 50g


Superworms 50g Tub


Live Fly Pupae 100g


Deactivated Fly Pupae 100g


Mulberry Leaves for Silkworms - 10 leaf pack


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Fresh Live Food

Feeder insects straight from the growrooms ~ freshness guaranteed