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Reptile Realm

We love to help you feed your animals!

We are an Australian family-owned business delivering exclusive Reptile Realm Products, Premium Pisces Live Food Insects & Reptile Food. Plus a full range of Komodo Reptile Products & Accessories.

You can rely on us for fast delivery of the freshest insects including Crickets, Woodies, Mealworms, Vitaworms (BSFL), Fly Pupae, Giant Mealworms and Silkworms direct from our farm.


Our extensive family farm grows Aquarium Plants, Fish and Snails plus Insects - Mealworms, Crickets, Woodies, Giant Mealworms, Fly Pupae and BSFL. Our passion is to grow the best possible Live Reptile, Aquarium and Chicken Products and deliver them to your door in premium condition. Our family are comitted to growing and supplying Australia's most comprehensive range of live pet products direct to you.

The Fish Farm

Looking to buy Aquarium Fish? At, we deliver premium Australian-grown and imported fish directly from our extensive fish farm to your door.

Need Aquarium Plants?

Visit to explore Australia's largest range of Aquarium Plants, Snails & Aquarium Accessories delivered fast from our farm.

Need chicken and bird food? delivers premium live, dried and frozen insects plus chicken, poultry & bird products directly from our family farm to your door.

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Fresh Live Food Insects

You can rely on us all year round. Fresh LiveFood Insects are vital for the health of countless animals across Australia and we are committed to shipping your orders fast every week.

We ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Priority Couriers. Our insects are packed fresh from the grow-rooms on the day they are shipped to you.

Unfortunately, shipping costs have grown astronomically over the last few years. To continue providing the same fast reliable shipping we have had to increase our shipping costs slightly.

Please order before Wednesday morning for delivery in the current week.

(8am NSW, Vic, ACT & Qld, 7:30 in SA)