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Our Feathered Friends

Many of our products are ideal for chickens, ducks & other poultry & other insectivorous & omnivorous birds

Half-Bulk Small Mealworms (3000 worms) 300g


Mini Bulk Mealworms - Regular 250g Pack


Mealworms - Regular 100g Tub


Large Cricket Value Pack (200 Crickets)


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Lizard Topper Mix


Freeze-dried Mealworms Poultry Bag 70g


Komodo Aluminium Reflector Dome 150W (19x21x21cm)


Komodo Ceramic Heat Emitter Black 150W


Komodo Advanced Digital Thermometer


Komodo Aspen Snake Bedding 12 litres


Half Bulk Mealworms - Regular 500g


Komodo Light Stand Single


Dehydrated Black Soldier Fly Larvae 65g Jar


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Calendula Flowers


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Floral Mix


Freeze-dried Crickets Poultry Bag 50g


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Fresh Live Food

Feeder insects straight from the growrooms ~ freshness guaranteed