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Our Feathered Friends

Many of our products are ideal for chickens, ducks & other poultry & other insectivorous & omnivorous birds

Mealworms - Regular 100g Tub


Large Cricket Value Pack


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Lizard Topper Mix


Freeze-dried Mealworms Poultry Bag 70G


Komodo Aluminium Reflector Dome 150W (19x21x21cm)


Komodo Ceramic Heat Emitter Black 150W


Komodo Advanced Digital Thermometer


Komodo Aspen Snake Bedding 12 litres


Komodo Light Stand Single


Dehydrated Black Soldier Fly Larvae 65g Jar


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Calendula Flowers


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Floral Mix


Freeze-dried Crickets Poultry Bag 50g


Freeze-dried Medley Poultry Bag 60g


Komodo Aluminium Reflector Dome 60W (18x14x14cm)


Edible Flower Treats for Reptiles Dandelion Flowers


Komodo Basking Spot Bulb ES 150W


Large Cricket Tub


Komodo Claw Clippers


Komodo Deep Reflector Dome 200W (22x21x21cm)


Komodo Infrared Spot Bulb ES 150W


Komodo Light Stand Double


Komodo Reptile Kidney Bowl X-Large


Komodo Reptile Kidney Bowl Large


Komodo Reptile Mealworm Dish


Komodo Smart Live Food Feeding Dish


Komodo Reptile Thermometer Analog


Large Woodies Tub


Mealworms - Mini Mealies 18g Tub


Mealworms - Regular 50g Tub


Medium Cricket Tub


Omnivore Mix Pisces 100g


Medium Cricket Value Pack


Medium Woodies Tub


Small Woodies Tub


Mini Bulk Vitaworms Black Soldier Fly Larvae 100g


Superworms 100g Tub


Tiny Hat for Lizards - Turquoise Flower Hat


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