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Why buy live insects online?

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Why buy live insects online?

It may seem a little crazy to order such a delicate product online.

I’m sure you have wondered lots of things-

  • How are they grown?
  • When are they packed?
  • What about Summer or Winter? 
  • How long does shipping take?
  • What happens if they turn up dead?
  • Better than buying from a pet store?
  • Is buying in bulk good value for money?

The freshest most healthy insects come direct from our farm to your door!

How are they grown?

We have been growing LiveFood Insects since the early 80’s. From small beginnings we now have extensive facilities of climate-controlled rooms and buildings commercially farming Australia’s widest range of insects. With 3 generations of expertise on the farm and a world class team of growers, we are committed to providing the best insects, year-round for your precious animals.

When are they packed?

Freshness is of utmost importance – so each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, our specialist teams pack the insects that are required for that day’s orders. They are quality checked and carefully packed and shipped to your door.

What about Summer or Winter?

The temperatures vary widely throughout the year, so in Wintertime, where appropriate, we ship with heat packs and closed boxes. In summertime, we have vented boxes with custom designed holes. Our custom designed packaging ensures that

How long does shipping take?

Most places in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT and SA are either overnight or 2-day shipping. We choose StarTrack or DirectFreight where appropriate. Live Insects are shipped as fast as possible. Dry goods may take a little longer to arrive - 1-5 days.

What happens if they turn up dead?

Occasionally, the insects will have a terrible trip. Don’t worry, just take a few photos and send me a friendly email and we will replace your insects.

Better than buying from a Pet Store?

Pet stores buy their insects too. The bugs will be shipped to the pet store and sit on their shelves until they are purchased. Unfortunately, often the insects are not looked after – they linger on the shelves until they die and are discarded. Often the quality is very poor when you purchase them. It is more environmentally sustainable to buy direct from insect farmers like Reptile Realm so that less waste is created, only insects that have been purchased are packed and shipped fresh to where they are needed.

Is buying in bulk good value for money?

At Reptile Realm, you can choose the perfect quantity of insects for your animals appetite and your budget. Our half and whole bulk packs offer great value and Value Packs are cost effective and convenient. We also have buy 3 get 1 free for our range of insects in tubs.

At Reptile Realm we are committed to delivering premium livefood insects to your door. We fulfill orders fast, every week of the year. Our dedication to excellence in insect farming, great communication, careful preparation and shipping of your orders ensures that you can always rely on us to help feed your animals nutritious, delicious and healthy insects.