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Komodo Plastic Terrarium 48cm x 31cm x 18cm

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Komodo Plastic Terrarium 48cm x 31cm x 18cm

Komodo’s Plastic Terrariums are ideal for transporting reptiles or for breeding and raising young lizard or snake hatchlings. These habitats can be useful for quarantine containers as they can easily be completely cleaned and sterilized. They also make very good homes for arachnids including spiders or scorpions, small arthropods such as centipedes, beetles, millipedes and other insect pets, snails, hermit crabs and small amphibians.

These portable plastic cages are light, strong and hygenic. Perfect for experienced owners and also ideal for beginners. These snake tanks or lizard boxes are useful for keeping your animals safe during routine cleaning or maintenance of your regular habitat or for transporting them outside if you give your reptiles time in an outdoor enclosure to get some valuable sun-baking time. 

Komodo Plastic Terrariums are available in flat or tall sizes to suit different species.  They offer a sleek and contemporary design, matched with purpose-built features to ensure the optimum health & safety for your animals. An attractive, black lid has angled ventilation holes to provide optimum airflow and a large, flip up door allows for easy access.

They are stackable for display and breeding purposes, with non-slip feet and useful pop-out cable openings for any electrical heating, lighting and monitoring equipment requirements. 

Komodo Plastic Terrarium Komodo Plastic Terrarium 48cm x 31cm x 18cm
Komodo Plastic Terrarium 48cm x 31cm x 18cm