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Komodo Nano Habitat 21cm x 21cm x 15cm

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Komodo Nano Habitat 21cm x 21cm x 15cm

Komodo's Nano Habitats are ideal for creating environments for many types of invertebrates, hatchlings, snakes and amphibians. These Habitats can be used as stackable snake tanks, frog hotels, spider, centipede or giant cockroach dwellings, hermit crab home and for hatchlings of many lizard and snake types.  

Komodo Glass Nano Habitat Terrariums combine style with function, to ensure that your treasured animals, have the safest possible home, in an enclosure that is living art. The Komodo Nano Habitat is a design classic. With excellent visibility and easy access, this enclosure will appeal to reptile keepers with a flair for vivarium decor.

Komodo Nano Habitats also boast a range of features to boost reptile enrichment, support effective husbandry and promote excellent reptile welfare.

These enclosures arrive fully assembled and are available in a range of sizes to suit popular pet reptile species. The black frames and mesh are stylish and easy to clean.

They are specially designed to be able to be stacked, with raised bases to allow ventilation in the lower boxes. The stack creates a visually stunning multiple habitat display. 


Watertight base

Komodo Terrariums are designed with a water tight base. This ensures that no moisture, dust or sand will escape and damage your stand or furniture. This also gives the flexibility to keep desert, forest or semi-aquatic species.

Sliding mesh lid

The terrariums come with a sliding mesh top, which ensures that the enclosure has good air movement to keep the environment fresh. The removable lid is made from sturdy metal mesh. It is secured with a fastener that ensure that no accidental escapes occur but allow for full removal of the terrarium top for easy access and trouble free maintenance.

Glass construction

The habitat is made from glass with clear glass walls and floor and a removable black metal mesh and a sturdy plastic & metal frame roof. This ensures that the terrarium has a tight fitting construction to reduce both animal and live food escapees. The habitats have fabulous visability and the addition of Komodo plant and rock decor items will create an eye-catching display suitable for many animal types.

The metal mesh lid allows you to create your ideal thermal gradient with the addition of light and heat fixtures and bulbs.

The interior of the terrarium is easily accessed through the lid which can be fully romoved or hinged at the back for convenience.

Fully Assembled

The terrariums come fully assembled with sturdy packaging.  

Your terrarium is built to last and will provide shelter and enjoyment for your precious animals for many years. 

Please note: Habitat only, does not include plants, substrate or other accessories. Image for display only.

Komodo Nano Habitats Komodo Nano Habitat 21cm x 21cm x 15cm
Komodo Nano Habitat 21cm x 21cm x 15cm