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Pisces Cricket Keeper Kit

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The Pisces Cricket Keeper Kit has been designed by Pisces Enterprises, who pioneered Live Food Insect production in Australia. It includes a strong plastic box & lid, two feeder tubes, two bowls, samples of Gutload and Aquaload and a pack of Cricket Keeper Absorbant Floor Pads. 

Pisces Cricket Keeper has numerous vents to keep the air flowing, giving your crickets a healthy well-aired environment in which to thrive.

The entire lid is removable for cleaning and there is a clear top door which flips open to allow for crickets to be added to your keeper.

When the dispensing tubes are removed, flaps cover the hole to ensure there are no escapees!

When housing Woodies, paint a strip of Fluon around the top wall of the cricket keeper or place a piece of flyscreen under the lid. Woodies are quite tricky & babies escape from the tiniest holes. 

The Dispensing Tubes are designed for the crickets to find refuge inside as they love dark places. This makes catching the crickets for feeding easy and clean, no need to touch the live food. The special transparent cap ends allow you to see when the tubes have insects in them.

Live Food Insects are vital to the successful keeping of many animals. Well cared for insects have a longer shelf life and provide better nutrition for your valuable pets. 

The Cricket Keeper Kit contains two bowls to place Aquaload and Gutload in to provide hydration and nutrition to the crickets or woodies. To ensure optimal "gutloading" for your animals ensure that fresh gutload and aquaload are availabe constantly for the crickets or woodies. 

Samples of Aquaload & Gutload are included in the Kit.

How to Use 

Every 2-3 days remove the old Aquaload cubes from the Cricket Keeper and replace with new fresh cubes. 

Also add teaspoon of Gutload. 

Jars of Aquaload and Gutload can also be purchased separately from Reptile Realm.

Pisces Aquaload has been specially formulated to provide a safe clean water source for insects during storage. 

Pisces Aquaload is made in Australia in small batches from purified rain water and human-grade food ingredients. It is non-toxic and safe for animals. It is vegan. The colour of Aquaload at times may vary but in no way effects its quality or safety. 

Pisces Gutload Insect Enhancement 40g

Pisces Gutload is the ultimate food for insects.

Specifically formulated for Pisces Crickets and Woodies, it is made from the highest quality ingredients. Pisces Gutload contains many of the important components required in a reptile and amphibian diet - protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

Gutloading Usage Guide - In order for your pet to benefit from the Gutload elements, feed your Pisces insects up to 2 hours before presenting them to your animal. Feed prey to your pet as you normally would. Providing a constant source of Gutload for your crickets and woodies ensures that they are optimally Gutloaded at all times.

Insect Feeding Usage Guide - Gutload is an excellent daily food for Crickets and Woodies. Use with Pisces Aquaload for optimal insect health. 

Ingredients - Cereal grains, protein meals (vegetable source), fats and oils (animal and vegetable source), minerals, vitamins.

Regularly providing your Live Food Insects with fresh Pisces Aquaload and Pisces Gutload or Woodie and Cricket Food ensures that your Crickets and Woodies give the maximum nutrition to your reptiles, arthropods, fish, insectivorous birds and small animals.

Pisces Cricket Keeper Absorbant Floor Pads or as we like to call them "Cricket Carpets" are ideal for placing on the floor of the Cricket Keeper to absorb any cricket or woodie droppings. Replacement packs can be bought separately from Reptile Realm.

Insects also need plenty of hiding places. We recommend using Insect Apartment Egg Flats to create shelter or reusing the cardboard from your bulk packs  (Purchased separately) 

Maximizing the health and longevity of your crickets and woodies, ensures the maximum value and nutrition for your animals.

Cricket Keepers are just over 7 litres in volume. Suitable for a mini-bulk or 2-4 keepers for a half-bulk. 

Pisces Enterprises Cricket Keeper Pisces Cricket Keeper Kit
Pisces Cricket Keeper Kit